Describe a typical trip?

A.  A Typical Day

We offer long half-day trips.  Our morning trip gets started at 6:30 to 7:00 AM.  We fish for 5 hours minimum. Our afternoon trip starts at 3:00 PM. Again, we fish for a minimum of 5 hours.  However, it’s tough getting me off the water that last hour as the sun is setting! If you are here during a weekday the lakes will be even quieter.  On weekends I will do my best to hit small, less used lakes. 

We will rendezvous in Boulder Junction at a predetermined location.  In some cases, you may be staying at a resort or cabin and it may be closer than driving into Boulder.  In that instance, I will meet you at the kayak/boat landing.

As stated in our target species section we will be mainly going after bass.  Depending on where the hottest bite is and what the wind is doing will determine where we will fish.  How we will fish will again be determined by the bite and time of year.  I personally like to start and finish the day with topwaters.  I have some topwater frogs that have proven deadly in lakes I fish in the region.  We will be using senkos, ned rigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, carolina rigs, several types of paddle tails, and other finesse baits.

Because of ever-changing conditions, I like to have the option to inform you of the lake we will be fishing 48 hours in advance.

Q. What type of kayaks do you use?

A.  In 2022 we will be using Hobie pedal kayaks for most trips.  We also use Wilderness Systems paddle kayaks.  I will make a decision on what kayak we start you out with based on your skill level.  


Q. What gear is provided?

A.  Northern Wisconsin Kayak Fishing is a full-service outfitting company.  We provide rods, reels, tackle, net, life jacket, paddle, and kayak. In some cases, we will bring live bait. There is no extra charge to our guests for that service.

Q. Can I bring my own tackle?

A.  Of course.  We highly recommend that you have a rod leash or a floatation device on your rods.  You would be surprised how many rods go overboard!  In regards to tackle keep it simple, you want to keep your yak as clean as possible.  Call us before your trip and we can suggest what is really working!

Q. What type of rods and reels do you use?

A.  Over the years we have found that spinning reels make for the best client reels.  Whether you are a pro or a novice you will be fishing in no time with our quality spinning reels.  We have a variety of reels in our arsenal such as Shimano, Penn, 13Fishing, and Quantum.  We like to keep current with the easiest to use, most dependable reels on the market.  We like to fish 2500 and 3000 series reels with a quality braid.  We nearly always tie a fluorocarbon leader directly to the braid. We find this combo will maximize your cast length and fish strikes!  If you have a favorite setup please don’t hesitate to bring it along.

When it comes to rods we have a mix.  We do have a relationship with Templefork Rod Company as well as 13Fishing.  That along with some St. Croixs & Fenwicks we have just what our anglers need.

Q. What lake will I be fishing?

A.  In order to ensure you the best kayak fishing experience possible, I will consider the weather conditions and how the bite is going on the area lakes.  Nearly all of the lakes will be within 30 minutes of Boulder Junction.  My goal is to focus on off the beaten path lakes that total 200 acres or less.  These lakes get much less fishing pressure than some of the bigger, well-known lakes.

Your input will also help determine which lake or river system we venture on to.

Q. What species of fish can we catch?

A.  I can’t emphasize enough that our target species is the smallmouth bass. That being said many of the lakes we fish offer multi-species fishing opportunities.  It is up to you if you want to tangle with other available species.  If I know of a hot bite say on walleyes or crappies I will let you know before we pick our lake.

Q. What is your policy on catch and release?

A.  We have a strict catch, photo, release on all species with the exception of walleyes.  If we get into a good walleye bite you can keep your legal limit and I will be happy to fillet them for you.  Everyone should experience a good walleye fry while enjoying the Northwoods.

Q. I am a novice, do you offer instruction?

A.  Great question.  With over 20 years of guiding under my belt, one of my favorite aspects of guiding is teaching.  Each guided fishing trip is also a lesson on the water.  We will be constantly discussing strategies and tactics for taking the various toothy critter we are pursuing.  Conversely, some of the best lessons I have learned on the water have been tricks that past clients have taught me.

Q. I need you to supply all the lures and tackle, what do you supply?

A.  One of the greatest benefits of booking a guided fishing adventure is knowing your guide will have the latest and greatest lures.  Northern Wisconsin Kayak Fishing is no exception.   We bring a lure or rig for any type of angling condition.  We are not afraid to mix it up!  Topwaters, neds, crankbaits, stickbaits, jigs, plastics, and on occasion when conditions are tough live bait.  Some top brands we like are Googan, Storm, Rapala, Strike King, Berkely, just to name a handful. As with reels if you have a favorite lure or way to fish don’t hesitate.  I will put you where the fish are!

Q. Do you guarantee your guests will catch fish?

A.  This is a tricky question.  I will do everything I can to put you on the right water and provide the best gear.  With that said sometimes the fish just don’t bite.  If we get the dreaded skunk on your trip you will receive a 50% refund or your next trip is on us!